How it works

Donate equipment

In storage, garages and attics around Sweden, there are lots of sports and leisure equipment that is rarely or never used. It can be skates that no longer fit, skis that are too short or football shoes that have played their last match. We at Fritidsbanken gratefully accept all equipment and lend it free of charge to other people.

If you have things you want to donate, it is easiest to contact or visit the nearest Fritidsbank. Many can receive equipment outside regular opening hours and some have collection points adjacent to the premises or at other addresses. In some municipalities, there are also recycling centers that collect items for Fritidsbanken. Information about this can be found on your Fritidsbanken’s page.

The equipment donated to Fritidsbanken is reviewed carefully. If something is broken, we try to repair it, otherwise it is left for recycling after we have picked up any spare parts. All articles are given an ID number and registered.

Borrow equipment

At Fritidsbanken you can borrow everything from complete slalom equipment to floorball clubs and three-man tents. What is in the range differs from place to place and depends on what we have received. Everyone can borrow and everything is free – and we won’t compromise on that. The equipment is used, but usually in very good condition. The loan period is 14 days and the idea is that you should be able to easily try out different leisure activities at no cost.

You can find the opening hours for your Fritidsbank here. Sometimes we can help even outside regular opening hours. Call the telephone number on the page for your Fritidsbank and we will see how we can meet your wishes.

Anyone who wants to borrow things from Fritidsbanken fills in a voucher with name and mobile number. It’s not harder than that. Please note that we may refuse to lend certain equipment to minors without parental permission. In that case, it is linked to security. The equipment is borrowed in its existing condition and the borrower is responsible for ensuring that it meets safety recommendations, even if Fritidsbanken strives as far as possible for the equipment we lend to be in good condition.

For some items, we recommend using protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, etc. However, we cannot guarantee that we have all the desired accessories in stock and cannot take responsibility for any consequences of this.

Our goal is for the equipment to be used for as long as possible. This means that we do not make a claim for compensation if something breaks. Of course, the equipment must be handled properly and not carelessly, but if only this is followed, there is no danger if something breaks.

Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to loans at Fritidsbanken:

  1. Fritidsbanken provides sports and leisure equipment for lending. The equipment is usually used and donated by private individuals, companies, associations, organisations, and the like.
  2. It is always free to borrow from Fritidsbanken.
  3. The loan period is a maximum of 14 days.
  4. The borrower is responsible for returning the equipment within the agreed time.
  5. The borrower is responsible for the equipment being used in a way that it is intended for use.
  6. Should the equipment break down, it must still be handed in to Fritidsbanken.
  7. No compensation claims are made if the equipment breaks down in the event of normal wear and tear or in the event of an accident or similar event. An exception to that principle is made if the equipment has been intentionally vandalised, disappears, is resold, or otherwise disposed of.
  8. Non-returned equipment may be reported to the police if it is stolen and / or not returned to Fritidsbanken within the agreed time.
  9. Under no circumstances may Fritidsbanken’s equipment be rented out or otherwise used to raise money, whether the borrower is a private person or a business.
  10. All use is at your own risk. Fritidsbanken is not responsible for any personal injuries that occur when using our equipment.
  11. The borrower is responsible for ensuring that the equipment, such as slalom skis and snowboards, are set correctly. This also applies if the equipment has been adjusted and adapted by Fritidsbanken at the time of the loan.
  12. Fritidsbanken reserves the right to refuse lending for security reasons, or if the borrower violates the above points.
  13. Fritidsbanken saves information about the borrower during the loan period and a maximum of six (6) months after the equipment is returned. The information is not provided to third parties and is not used for marketing purposes. Read more about Fritidsbanken’s privacy policy below.

Privacy Policy

Information in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) on how Fritidsbanken handles your personal data.

The personal information you provide when you borrow sports or leisure equipment from Fritidsbanken will be used to manage your loan(s). The treatment is necessary for Fritidsbanken to be able to fulfill the agreement that arises between you as a borrower and Fritidsbanken when you borrow. Personal data will be stored during the loan period and up to a maximum of six (6) months after the equipment has been returned.

The principal of the local Fritidsbanken is responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Contact information can be found on the local Fritidsbanken’s website. (Search among our Fritidsbanks here).

As a registered user, you have the right to request an extract from the register with information about which personal data about you is handled by the local Fritidsbanken. You also have the right to request that incorrect or incomplete personal data be corrected or deleted. You can also object to or request a restriction on the processing of your personal data. You have the right to have your information moved in accordance with regulations on so-called data portability. Contact the local Fritidsbanken if you want to exercise any of these rights or have questions about how Fritidsbanken processes your personal data.

If you think that the processing of personal data is incorrect and have views on it, you can turn to the Data Inspectorate, which is the supervisory authority in the area.

Please note that Fritidsbanken has the right to refuse lending if the borrower does not provide the above-mentioned personal information.

Support Fritidsbanken

There are several ways to support Fritidsbanken. The most common is to donate equipment to us, and with these gifts, we build our organisation.

It is also possible to donate money to Fritidsbanken, both as a company and as an individual. Even though it is free to borrow, there are costs associated with our business and we gratefully accept grants, large and small. However, this must be done without counterclaims, and we cannot undertake to display logos or the like on our website or any other channels. All contributions are valued equally and those who donate money to a local Fritidsbank are thanked on a board in the room. Money donated to the entire organisation is mainly used to spread the concept to more municipalities, and to continuously work with quality development at the existing Leisure Banks. If you have questions about gifts and sponsorship, contact Henric Byström, brand manager,, 0735-14 07 35.

Anyone who wants to donate money to Fritidsbanken contacts business manager David Mathiasson:, 0768-320 100.

Do you have time available and can you imagine helping us for a few hours? Many of the Leisure Banks have volunteers who help with everything from lending to sharpening skates. Contact your nearest Fritidsbank for information.

Start a Leisure Bank

Should Fritidsbanken be in your area? Of course, we say. If you agree and want to contribute to this becoming a reality, you as a private person can propose it to your municipality, for example through a citizen proposal. If you are active in an association or organisation that wants to be involved in running Fritidsbanken in your area, you primarily talk to one of our district coordinators who can help you in this process. Contact information can be found here.

If you are a politician or an official in a municipality, the same applies, contact one of our district coordinators or business manager David Mathiasson, and we will book a joint meeting.

Fritidsbanken exists for borrowers and that is what should be the focus of the business. Of course, there are a number of positive effects of having a Leisure Bank in the area, but our goal is always to lend as much as possible to as many people as possible.

This is what a motion to establish a Leisure Bank might look like:

In our municipality, just like in the whole country, there are lots of sports and outdoor equipment that are no longer used, but only collect dust. It can be skates that have been outgrown, skis that are too short, or a life jacket that has been replaced by a new one. For those who want to try new sports and outdoor activities, or just want to do an activity occasionally, it can be a costly affair to buy equipment. Then it is better to borrow first, both for the wallet and the environment. Since its inception in 2013, Fritidsbanken has collected equipment from private individuals, associations and companies and lends it free of charge, just like a library, for up to 14 days. Experience shows that through Fritidsbanken you reach new target groups who have not previously been involved in association activities and that, by trying different activities, you can pass borrowers on to organised sports and outdoor organisations. Local principals who want to run a leisure bank become members of the non-profit association Fritidsbanken Sverige and thereby get the right to use the brand.

We propose that the municipality establish a leisure bank. It involves an investment in public health and the environment through recycling and becomes a tool in the work with Agenda 2030. It promotes both spontaneous and organised sports and contributes to increased interest in outdoor life. A Leisure Bank leads to increased inclusion through socio-economic equalisation, equality between age, gender, and increased integration. Fritidsbanken is a great resource for the school in connection with outdoor and theme days and it is also a good place for work training and an asset for tourism. The cost, which mainly includes premises rent and employed site manager, should be shared between several administrations and the operational responsibility should lie with the municipal management office.

We propose that the xx council decides to commission yy to set up a leisure bank.

Common questions

Does it cost anything to borrow from Fritidsbanken?
No, everything is free. Always!

Are there any late fees?
No, we do not handle money and trust that people return the equipment on time.

Is there an age limit for borrowing?
No, anyone can borrow, but if it is equipment with a certain risk of injury, such as slalom skis and the like, we want the guardian’s approval.

How long can I borrow the equipment?
The loan period is a maximum of 14 days.

Can you extend a loan?
Not really, but some exceptions can be made by agreement with the local Fritidsbanken.

What happens if something I borrowed breaks down?
We usually say that you get a pat on the shoulder. Then we have used the things as far as possible instead of them having collected dust in a storage room. Come to us with what has broken down and we will see if it is possible to pick up spare parts before we take it on to recycling.

Where does the equipment come from?
Everything is donated by individuals, organisations, and companies. We deal with recycling and do not buy any equipment.

I have stuff at home that I no longer use, where can I leave it?
Either at your local Fritidsbank, or at one of their collection points. See more info on your nearest Fritidsbank’s page.

Who is responsible if I injure myself on the equipment I borrowed?
The equipment is lent out in its existing condition and the borrower is responsible for ensuring that it is set up correctly and works properly. Fritidsbanken regularly reviews the equipment but can never guarantee full functionality. Lending is thus at your own risk.

Does anyone make money at Fritidsbanken?
Fritidsbanken is a non-profit initiative, and the brand is owned by a non-profit association. Our statutes state that Fritidsbanken must never be run for profit and that we must handle as little money as possible. The only ones who are paid are the employees in the form of salaries.

Can companies start a Leisure Bank?
No, the local leisure banks are run in different ways, but never by a company. Companies can, however, be part of a group of actors that contribute to realising and operating a Leisure Bank. The parties in such a group can come from civil society, the public sector and the business community and they sign an agreement, a so-called IOP – Idéburet Offentligt Partnerskap – which regulates the parties’ commitment. One of the parties in the group is the principal who signs an agreement with Fritidsbanken. Read more about IOP here.

Can you sponsor Fritidsbanken?
You can support Fritidsbanken in several ways, including financially, but always without counterclaims and only to Fritidsbanken’s benefit. Traditional sponsorship where a company’s logo or message are shown is not possible. We also make no difference between donors and the size of donations. For us, all contributions are equally valuable.

Is it possible to borrow equipment for the disabled at Fritidsbanken?
Some Leisure Banks have parasport equipment, but in limited numbers. This is an area we want to develop further.

What personal information do you save when I borrow?
We only save names and mobile numbers. Read more about how we handle personal data in our privacy policy above.